Transaction and Transformation – Ellis Orozco

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

The Christian life is not a matter of the transfer of information. Sitting in a class room and learning facts about the Christian life will not make you a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ. At some point you have to go out and put what you learned into practice. In other words, orthodoxy (right teaching) doesn’t necessarily translate to orthopraxy (right practice). The Christian life was meant to be more caught than taught – it was meant to be transferred through the lives of those who are on the journey with us. In this sense, Christian growth is not a transaction – give me this and you will get that. Christian growth comes from transformation – let’s walk this way together and see how God changes our lives.  Three keys to experiencing transformation are: (1) Center your desires on God’s commands; (2) Invest in the lives of others who are on the journey with you; and, (3) be real.

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