Living in Community – Matt Thigpen

Acts 2:42-47

The first Christian community was born out of a powerful experience with God’s Holy Spirit. The first consequence of that experience was seen in the life of the community. Some mistake the description of this first community as a kind of social communism. However, when you understand the first century Middle Eastern cultural context of the work of the Holy Spirit, you will see that what is described is not social communism at all, but rather the forming of a fictive kinship group. In other words, the first church did not act like social communists – they acted like a first century extended family. What can we learn from them? There are four ways to stay connected to community: (1) Set a time and place to meet on a consistent basis; (2) tell yourself that this is vital for your spiritual health; (3) focus on what God is doing in the lives within the community; and, (4) give more than you take.

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