Staying Connected to God – Ellis Orozco

John 15:1-12 The secret to living the abundant life in Christ is to stay connected to God through Jesus Christ. Jesus described the importance of this connection by comparing us …

The Hard Side of Christianity – Ellis Orozco

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 The Christian life is one of total, sold-out commitment to God and Jesus Christ. Salvation is a free gift – an act of grace. But, the natural …

The Explicit Gospel – Matt Thigpen

John 3:16-17

Moving Forward – Ellis Orozco

Jeremiah 29:1-13

Moving Forward – Matt Thigpen

Jeremiah 29:1-13

Making Amends – Leighton Flowers

Matthew 5:21-24

Making Amends – Matt Thigpen

Matthew 5:21-24

Picking up the Pieces – Ellis Orozco

Psalm 1